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Greetings, Salamu


All is well as darkness falls. Great first full day, in country. Yesterday all coped well with the detail of African bureaucracy that saw us out of Kenya and into Tanzania. Beautiful campsite tucked away beneath the trees. This morning we woke at 05.30 and left after breakfast for the viewpoint on Longido. We looked down on the African plain as the day began, meeting Tortoise, scorpion and ( viewed by our guides) Leopard. We then shifted camp towards Kitumbeine on our journey towards the rift. The landscape changed becoming drier and through the trees we saw Zebra and (grants)Gazelle.
The insect and bird life is vibrant and everywhere you look there is life. All has been brilliantly organized and everyone seems pleased we are here.
Tomorrow we climb again, and the horizons open up even further. Now the stars are out, a full sky and the crickets serenade beneath the dynamo h. All are well. The team is working, the children are healthy and a little over awed.

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  1. Kai Kenyon
    June 30, 2012 at 00:57

    Glad to hear all is going well!

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