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Student Winners World Book Day


Summarise a book in 10 WORDS competition

World Book Day Pupil Entries

The winner = Josh Clacy

War Torn by Andy McNab

“Afghanistan soldier with pregnant wife fire fights and seeks intelligence.”

The runners up =

Calum Carter

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

“A tale of hardship, loyalty, and the value of friendship.”

Jack Davies

Where’s Wally?

“Wally is there to be found, but it isn’t easy!”

Emile Kemp

Boys for Beginners

“From a tomboy to a girl, she changes her ways.”

Other great entries…


Caitlin Webb

Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban

“Harry the wizard rides mythical creature and saves the day.”

Richard Lang


“Very fast, pale and glittery in love with mortal girl.”

Abigail Frostick

Ingo Helen Dunmore

“A vanished father, a mysterious undersea world. A happy ending!”

Corey Overend

Romeo and Juliet

“Families are sworn enemies, but there’s two star crossed lovers.”

Lewis Andrews

Darren Shan

“Darren Shan, drinks blood, is vampire, saves every one, fades aw

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