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Brecon Trip

Phase one…… Over 200 schools  were invited to submit applications, but only 30 students could attend the first stages in the Brecon Beacons.

The Springfields Academy organised a weekend of extreme self endurance. No running hot water , no electricity just self reflection and a belief they could do it.

Day 1: The first evening started with a meet and greet of candidates from other schools. Master Danby started our first activity with some extreme challenges outside which took us all by surprise, but we all took part. Our first meal cooked in candle light with gas camping stoves was pasty and beans. Pupils from all the schools made great use of this time and started up friendships with each other. We spent the evening in front of a roaring fire getting acquainted ready for our 16k Trek the next morning.

Day 2 : Early start of 7am with a great breakfast of porridge and banana cooked by Mr Thomas, Mr Whitchell and Mr Hobden. We all got into our groups and set off 2 teams in one direction  and 2 teams in the other with plans to meet each other in the middle. The weather was on our side that day it was clear blue skies as we climbed higher and higher. All groups were amazing supporting, encouraging and happy are the words I would use to describe every one of the students and staff that took part. We encountered 3 foot of snow at the highest point with views that were outstanding. Everybody returned and completed the 16k without any injuries or complaints an amazing accomplishment with such large numbers participating.

Our day was rewarded with an amazing Chilli cooked by our very own chefs a big thank you to them for cooking for us in those difficult conditions. Well, done to every one that took part it was an amazing experience and every one should be very proud of their achievement that weekend.


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