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Annual Camping Trip

Selected children from Springfields have the opportunity each year to participate in a camping trip to Brynllywarch School in Kerry Mid Wales.

Ten children were selected this year to go camping on 16th, 17th & 18th of Mar 2010. All the children on the Monday before the trip had lessons in how to erect their tents and helped pack the mini bus for the journey to Wales.

Tuesday morning breakfast was prepared by Mrs Hulbert for all those going on the camp. The bus arrived at the Severn Bridge into Wales and you could not see your face in front of your hand due to low cloud, not the weather we wanted for the trip. Another few hours of driving and it was time to stop for lunch. A fantastic spot where the children stretched their legs during an arduous walk to the top of a hill. They enjoyed the view of Snowdonia in the far distance. Terry Webb showed great courage in conquering his fears of height.

We arrived at Brynllywarch School and erected the camp. Mr McCallister set up the cooking area with the ever helpful Calum Carter. Before the evening meal we took the children to the Kerry Ridge way for some first aid training. After a long walk we found an area where there was still snow on the ground and all the children had great fun sliding down and throwing snowballs. Kierian Broom almost had to do his shoe laces up, as his trainers were coming off every time he stepped in the mud.

We visited Welshpool where we stopped to grab a resupply of Milk, water and food. Then we visited Lake Vyrmwa a very picturesque area. We stopped and had lunch then made our way to the huge waterfall. On arriving the children asked to climb to the top. Mr Rogers briefed all those who wanted to climb and ensured they fully understood to stay behind him and follow in his foot steps. Two footsteps later Mr Rogers had fallen into the Stream and was extremely embarrassed to say the least. Jack Davies was the star of the day and climbed nearly to the top and very kind Jamie Crease then took Jack back down to where Miss Bishop was looking after those who did not want to climb. From the waterfall we drove to a huge reservoir called Llyn Clywedog at the base of the dam is an old disused lead mine where the children had time to explore and get close to the past. 

The last day and everybody was up early and ready to strike camp. We thanked the staff of Brynllywrc school and departed for a visit to the wind farm at Pentre. All the children now know why it is called a WIND farm due to the ice-cold blasts of wind that they encountered during the visit. The next stop was Big Pit which is a coal mine where the public can visit and go underground and see how the miners coped in days gone by. On the final leg home we visited sport and leisure centre where the children had the opportunity for a swim and a cold drink. 

The children all would like to thank Miss Bishop and Mr Mac for all their hard work Well Done to everybody.

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