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Primary trip to Lyneham

On Friday 26th March the primary unit visited the RAF base in Lyneham. This was to coincide with the WW2 topic which both classes have been learning about during terms 3 and 4.
The pupils were all buzzing with excitement upon arrival and their behaviour throughout was exceptional. We were greeted by soldiers, Steve, Lee and Simon who were very accommodating, funny and informative. Firstly the pupils were taken onto the air field and shown round a static Hercules. They were allowed into the cockpit and sat in the main body of the plane which was a fantastic experience.
We were then given a wonderful WW2 presentation which gave us information about why the war started, rationing, evacuation and how the war came to a conclusion 6 years later. During the presentation an air raid siren played and all of the pupils had gas masks under their chairs which they had to put on as quickly as they could. The presentation also showed us what the Hercules was used for and some of the resources that could be dropped from it to people on the land. These varied from leaflets and food to land rovers and speed boats!
Colour Sergeant Steve Ford was so impressed with the behaviour, knowledge and interest of the pupils that he is happy to invite us back at a later date to get involved in some training activities.

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